Large plate, katanami glaze with cobalt accent

Height: 2

Diameter: 25.5cm
(Dimensions may vary very slightly between pieces received)

A hand-made plate fired in a reduction atmosphere. Using red mountain Clay from Mashiko (Tochigi, Japan) with white slip, katanami glaze, and hand-brushed cobalt to complement it.

Everything is handmade so there will be slight differences between those pictured and those received (only very slightly).

All functional wares are dishwasher and food safe, although please take care, I would recommend washing by hand for longevity. All pieces can be used in a microwave but I would tend to avoid using any handmade pieces this way. Pieces will also change over time as you use them more and gain character, please do not panic about a tea stain or a crack in the glaze that has gone dark. This is just the piece growing and aging alongside you, this phenomenon occurs especially with wood-fired pieces as the atmosphere in the kiln is especially unique. Any other questions or queries please contact me.

¥4,000.00 Incl Tax

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7 in stock